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Welcome Total moments Photography, its our goal to always provide the best ever photography service to all Couples that use our service. we are a team of professional  Jamaican based Photographers that  has a repetition for producing  professional quality   photography service . We strive on success and the professionalism of our  business is necessary for long lasting  survival in  the wedding photography industry . As a professional Jamaican Photography company we stay current with new styles and technologies we constantly work hard to become better because photography is always evolving Experimentation is what makes all different in good wedding photography getting some irregular types of photos can bring out artistic images. Our photographers offer photography to clients that want their wedding capture in a special way

Jamaica wedding photography
Jamaica is famous for destination weddings it have a breathtaking scenic beauty and is highly preferred by romantic couples form all over the world, who want to tie the nuptial knot in this picturesque land, among the vast sandy beaches, mountains and green forests. Hence, it is natural that these new couples want to capture every moment of their wedding ceremonies, spent in this charming Caribbean island, leading to the demand of Jamaica photographers to serve this purpose. As the occurrence of weddings in Jamaica has risen to a great height as a fashion now, several related businesses and professions have been kick-started in this island. The most prominent among these wedding associated occupations are wedding photography, fashionable resorts as the wedding venues, wedding event management, bridal decoration, makeup artist, florists and suppliers of foods and drinks for the wedding parties. As everyone wants their wedding photographs to be clicked in best condition, there are some vital points which are needed to be followed, to be featured in the finest appearance in all the wedding photos, captured in Jamaican island. A good Jamaican wedding photographer should be delicate-natured, who will feel the love between the would-be couple and can blend this bond with the beautiful nature, so that he or she can shoot a series of their photos in different romantic poses, before or after the marriage ceremony and actually make them appear like a perfect love story, for showing to their next generations. Most of these romantic photos are usually shot when the couples choose to tour the island with their guests, as most of them are expectedly outsiders and may have been here for the first time. These kinds of tours are preferred as a way of entertaining the wedding guests as well. The couples may also want to be clicked with their friends and families, with the extraordinary backdrop of Jamaican nature. A wedding in Jamaica is actually considered as a dream wedding for many couples, who wish to have a wedding away from home, therefore having a destination wedding, is very extravagant and help to make your wedding day unforgettable. Hence, the services of the experience Jamaican photographer is inevitable to all the foreign and also the local couples, who want to take the marital vows, with the beautiful forests, ocean and the mountains as the witnesses of the beginning of their new conjugal life as well. Wedding Photography Prices Negril Jamaica

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